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Job descriptions, career progression, and documentation about how various teams within an organization can really vary. Human Made, an enterprise WordPress oriented company, has done a fantastic job at publicly documenting these details. Skim through to get an understanding about how they (and generally other companies) do the work of web dev. 







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WPDifferently – you are here. This is our class website.

Local – use this when testing and installing plugins/themes, developing code. This software must be turned on/off to access a website (mostly) only viewable on your machine.

Siteground – This is your live host. Login here to install live for the web, manage backups, create staging sites, and more.

Gravatar – this creates your profile photo for commenting on each others’ posts, your admin profile photo, your profile photo, and more. You can associate multiple email addresses to a single profile here. Many plugins will use Gravatar profiles to display images. – Log in here to rate and review plugins, participate in comments on teams websites, and get connected to the official WP Slack. – Log in here only to configure Jetpack for free on your own site. This enables access from mobile devices, as well as a few plugin features.

Your own site – this looks like a temporary domain name that we are building into a portfolio site. It is live online for others to access.

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ManageWP/GoDaddy Pro – I use this to navigate between your sites or install premium themes/plugins.

Feedly (RSS Reader) – I use this to subscribe to your blog posts AND a lot of industry news. There are multiple free RSS readers available.